Welcome to Ferrets and Friends - Safe Products for Ferrets

Ferrets and Friends is part of the Small Pets and Friends family of brands. Created by two animal-loving friends who started with a line of hedgehog products, Ferrets and Friends is the next step in the mission to bring quality and ethical products to our four-legged small and exotic pet family members.

Unlike other large, corporate Ferret brands, Ferrets and Friends puts the needs of animals first. We do not breed ferrets, and we do not mass produce ferrets to cosmetic or drug companies for cruel animal testing. We focus on providing quality products, made with care and concern of our weasel friend's well-being first.

Our first brand Hedgehogs and Friends has earned the trust and repeat business of our hedgie customers over many years of service to hedgehog owners. Many of our hedgehog products were created to be safe and great for use on many small animals, including ferrets. And now we are offering these same great products (and some new, ferret-specific items) labelled specifically for ferrets.

When you shop with us, you're supporting a small business who is owned by animal-lovers that provides jobs for fellow animal-lovers.

We hope to earn your loyalty just like we have earned the loyalty of hedgehog owners across the world.
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